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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist for Sellers

Are you thinking about listing your home in the next few weeks? As temperatures begin to climb here in the Triangle, many buyers and sellers are eager to enter the market after a long winter. However, it’s crucial to get every inch of your home looking spotless before you list. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, our spring cleaning checklist for sellers has all the information you need.

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist for Sellers

Declutter and Reorganize

Woman decluttering her cabinets

It’s impossible to start cleaning your home if you have tons of clutter everywhere! Spring cleaning involves so much more than just scrubbing down every surface—you also need to get rid of your extra stuff. To get your space ready for buyers, work room by room and make piles for donations, trash, and things you plan on keeping. Don’t forget to pay special attention to closets and garages, too.

Deep Clean Floors, Windows, and Surfaces

Person mopping the floor, and other things on a spring cleaning checklist for sellers.

Once you’ve decluttered and reorganized, it’s time to look at the big picture. You might vacuum your carpets and mop your floors regularly, but when was the last time you really cleaned everything? Remember—buyers will be inspecting every nook and cranny of your home, so you should get it looking its best. We recommend steam-cleaning your carpets, waxing your hardwoods, and washing the inside and outside of your windows with a vinegar and water mixture.

Scrub Down the Kitchen

Blue kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in your home…which means it could be a little messy. Pay careful attention to your cabinets and appliances—these surfaces are often neglected and scrutinized by buyers! It’s never a bad idea to clean out your fridge and sanitize the shelves, too. If you want to go above and beyond, you can move your appliances and vacuum away any dust and food debris.

Sanitize Your Bathrooms

Bathroom, and other things on a spring cleaning checklist for sellers.

Let’s face it—bathrooms can be dirty. If you’ve been putting off a deep clean, it doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as you think. First, start out by cleaning every surface with a disinfectant, such as Lysol or Clorox. You can then move on to getting rid of shower mildew, polishing your fixtures, and even washing your shower curtain.

Spruce Up Your Bedrooms

Woman cleaning sheets, and other things on a spring cleaning checklist for sellers.

You bedroom is a unique space…and you spend more time there than you think. If you want to turn your bedroom into a welcoming paradise for buyers, start by washing all of your sheets with a lightly scented detergent. You may also want to launder any window treatments, wipe down your furniture, and do a thorough dusting.

Ready to List Your Home?

If you’re getting ready to put your Triangle home on the market, Trademark Residential would love to help! We have plenty of staging tips to get you started, as well as some exclusive seller resources. Just give us a call if you’re ready to list—we’d be happy to answer any questions, too.

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