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The Top 5 Ways Maximize the Space in Your Home

Is your home feeling a little cramped? Even if you don’t have a lot of room to work with, there are a few ways you can easily maximize the space in your home, especially if you’re getting ready to sell. Ready to get started? Here are a few of our easy and inexpensive tips!


Family maximizing space in your home

Let’s face it—nobody likes to declutter, but it’s a necessary step before you sell your home. Even if you aren’t listing soon, a clean home can actually reduce your stress levels and make your space feel even bigger than it was before.

Before you start tackling your entire home, come up with a strategic decluttering plan. Work room by room, starting with smaller projects and then working your way up to bigger ones. It’s also helpful to create “keep,” donate,” and “throw away” bins to streamline the process. If you keep a steady pace, you’ll have a clean home in no time!

Add Storage Space

Closet storage space

Once you’ve gotten rid of all your extra stuff, it’s time to reorganize everything you have left. Even if your home lacks a ton of storage space, it’s actually pretty easy to optimize what you already have. You also have a ton of stylish options to choose from!

First, head to your local retailer and pick up a few organizing essentials. We recommend adding baskets, shelves, totes, or space saving hangers to your closets. Ottomans and storage chests are great options for your living room, and they can really accent a space, too!

Rearrange Furniture

Maximize space in your home living room

Even if your home has plenty of square footage, your furniture could be making your space seem smaller. If you really want to appeal to buyers and maximize what you already have, it’s time to rearrange a bit.

First, start by evaluating your room. Do you have any bulky pieces that really take over the space? Are there more than a few couches, tables, or accessories that seem a little overbearing? Pare down your collection and only keep the furniture you really need—everything else can be donated, thrown out, or kept in a storage unit. It’s the easiest way to make a room seem bigger!

Bring in the Right Accessories

Mirror with plant

Alright, this tip might seem a little counterintuitive, but it can actually do wonders for a cramped space. Once you’ve decluttered and prepped your home for buyers, staging a room with a few essential accessories can make a space pop.

Mirrors and lamps are some of the best additions to a smaller room. Mirrors reflect natural light and create the illusion of more space, and lamps instantly brighten up a room. You may also want to take a look at your window coverings. If you have darker drapes, consider replacing them with a brighter alternative to let in more light.

Ready to Maximize the Space in Your Home?

If you need a little help staging your home, Trademark Residential would love to help you out! Our team of expert stagers can help you maximize the space in your home and get it ready for buyers. Need selling advice? Just drop us a line—we’re always on hand to lend our expertise.

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